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A guide to the Sorcery Ascendant books by Mitchell Hogan (A Crucible of Souls, Blood of Innocents, and A Shattered Empire).

I'm mostly starting this for selfish reasons. Personally, I like having a "wiki" type resource as a companion for a book and couldn't find one for this series. I started reading A Crucible of Souls when I had more time and it has taken a bit longer to read than is usual for me. Typically, this happens when I don't like a book but that is not the case with ACoS. After going weeks without being able to read I started writing down character names to keep track of who was who and figured that I might as well do that in a public forum.

It should go without saying, but any page may include details about later plot developments "spoilers" and should be avoided if you are sensitive about that sort of thing.

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    I created a while ago. I'll be more than willing to delete it... 

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    Hi, Honestly I havent done much since april 1st of this year and it was mostly curiosity on my part (I haven't set up a wikia before and ... 

  • new page Physiker
    created by Durph
    New page: A healer trained in the treatment of wounds and the use of herbs. (I am an audiobook reader so the name of this page may be incorrect)
  • new page The Monastery
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    New page: Located on the coast of The Island, The Monastery is home to a group of men and women who are primarily dedicated to the education of the children of...
  • new page Monk
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    New page: An order (unknown if this is a secular or religious order) that is primarily dedicated to teaching and training the children of nobel families in...
  • new page The Mainland
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    New page: Landmass containing most of the cities within the empire
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  • new page The Shattering
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    New page: A period of disaster in the distant past that resulted in a loss of knowledge. In particular, the knowledge for crafting trinkets was lost after the...

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